Spreading the FOSS Love

November 22, 2009 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment
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Changes are not for every one , it is for those who really need it

After switching to FOSS , and spreading the love all over the campus . I feel people are really intrested , showing great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, the eagerness to learn is something that does not have any saturation point. If I can contribute in anyway to my college, in spreading this love , that would be the more satisfying then taking my degree and never looking back to the place that has given me a lot. LUG Bikaner have been setup and now everyone associated with it is working hard to take it to next level , I wish if this thing could have happened earlier may be two years back so that I could have worked more for lugb!! anyways, what happened can not be changed but , next aim is to keep this momentum . Now really some serious stuff from lugb is expected . People need to convert them selves from DOS to FOSS.  Plans to setup lugb web site as soon as possible.

Lot of stones to be unturned ! Fedora 12 is out now and some install fests are lined up , end users basic problems need to be sorted out . I pray to TUX baba to give us the strength and wisdom to choose our freedom ;).

I am looking forward for Fedora Packaging and lugb planning to work over Mozilla mirroring as this is the tunnel to raise our standards , and identified by Open source Communities.

Rest ,I will update it as soon as more activities being done ..


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