My Date with Fedora 12

November 24, 2009 at 1:23 pm | Posted in FOSS/Linux/ | Leave a comment
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Huh ! after preparing my self for the up gradation from Fedora 10 to Fedora 12 ,and counting the number of days , hours , those reckless moments while I pray to god that my ISP showers all the bandwidth to me and get it done during the time I sleep, but god can not listen to every one as others will be preparing themselves to explore Fedora 12 . Any ways after  lots of disruptions, network problems as well as power cuts I was upgraded to Fedora 12 (oh ! how can I forget those crucial moments of 4 hours for installation) I switched to Fedora 12.  Every thing was fine till came it to my knowledge that, my SATA HDD , the storage drive is not at all being recognized !! I could not believe myself too, I checked the physical connections of my HDD , checked my BIOS, and I could not figure it out what should I do ? . So after working over all other distros like Fedora 11,Fedora 12, Ubuntu where my HDD was not working at all , I decided to check with my previous Fedora 10 ,where it was being recognized as it was earlier. Finally I have to check with Xp  ( that added to injury ) where it was healthy . Now what I suspect is with Kernel where IDE subsystems have been replaced by SATA

Flooding myqueries over IRC channels and all suggested me to file the bug  here . Collecting some additional info over the same stuff and hope to receive some feedbacks . Now as soon as I started digging the features of my Fedora 12 I was surprised that I can not log into my KDE  Environment which is said to be one of the coolest thing in Fedora 12 . Any ways  still trying to log into the KDE. Due to my back dated hardware configurations I could not start my Desktop Effects but very much liked the Automatic Bug Reporting  Tool ,  where u need to see the bugs , save them and report to .

Although I faced many problems but I still like Fedora very much and it is always beautiful as it was during my first date 😉


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