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After many days of planning, discussions, hanging over the IRC’s , holding meetings for LUGB and decide only one thing . How to reach Bangalore and attend FOSS.IN that too from Bikaner which is not connected directly  and most importantly how to manage all the 25 plus people who were so much motivated that they didn’t gave a second thought for going to India’s Biggest Open Source Conference ,most importantly the developers and contributors from   different open source projects. I moved to Delhi as I had to get all my clothes and stuffs washed , join my friends at Nizamudin Railway Station and board the train at 6.45 am in the morning. I was praying that all the people arrive on time as we were around 30 and the tickets were all with pkuhad, luckily it happened and we were on the train.

What was expected from the Journey to Yashwantpur (a nearby railway station to Bangalore ) , passing those 40 hours , I would say one line that is — ” Total Fun” , we started by hogging on the food that every one was carrying and it used to get vanished by blink of the eye. But that I know we would be doing for rest of the two days. Every one engaged themselves by playing cards, antakshri, gossiping, clicking pictures, play stations, music . I was wondering how much distance we were covering just to keep ourself motivated and work for FOSS. The no of states we crossed was judged by the welcome message I got from my Cellular Network.

After dwelling at my friend’s place and moving to NIMHANS Convention Center where the buzz and breeze was for Open Source and Open Source (I loved it) , meeting some of the great guys who have been working for FOSS , past few years and motivating lots of us , there were GNOME people , KDE guys , Fedora and many open source projects with their introductions and priorities ,  the five days was with the finest  geeks , listening them , attending their views , it was totally fun . Hmm and how could you forget the food , totally yummy !!

Although it was my first experience at Bangalore, I could not see most of the places , but I still managed to be at M.G Road, and the how could you forget Mysore trip , that was like icing on the cake.

Any ways I hang up now , will write something as it comes to my mind


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