GSoC 2010 Project: Moving of the Old Membership list to the New Database

May 26, 2010 at 6:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The official coding period for GSoC 2010 has started and during the community bonding period I setup the Mailman 2.1 on the Ubuntu 8.10 with the systers changes being implemented and also the Membership branch , this is the same branch on which I will be continuing from last year. After fixing some bugs and commiting to it the code worked pretty fine,  created  my anticipated timeline on the wiki , so I will be updating my progress through the wiki as well. After discussing with  Malveeka(My mentor) , the task will be to move the Old Membership list into the database and carrying forward for the single sign on authentication . The use of Storm as the ORM will be useful as it can be used for the changing the database server to any other like MySql, SQlite.

The database relations need to store the passwords in the encrypted form so , the use of Additional Module for postgresql such as chkpass will store the data in encryption. Scripts for moving the Old List Memberships Data to the new one may come handy as we will have the complete user entry which could be then used to create a seprate database for the Single Sign on Authentication.

For now I just hang up ,will continue with the updates 🙂 .


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