Google Summer of Code 2010 and Magic

April 28, 2010 at 10:31 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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The results have been announced and  I have been fortunate enough to get selected for Google Summer of Code 2010 to work for Systers: Women in Computing . The project is to use the credentials data that is being used for Mailman by the subscribers and have a common authentication system for all the concerned systers site , something what Google Accounts is used for the google services. The mentor for my project is Malveeka Tiwari and co-mentor is Radhika Srivastava. It will be great to work this summer for three months , hack the code . It will be a great learning time for me and contributing in the Open Source  would be just fantastic . Now need to get into Web2py framework and reading the docs. There would be a challenge to work upon the Mailman 3.0 without any UI and working with the command line interface. The addition of one more field to have a common id that is used for accessing diffrent systers site and help the women in computing and to just remember only single credentials. The web2py framework seems to be less complex than django which is powerful but for just single sign on , disturbing the whole architecture won’t be a good idea.

Now for the time I should do my homework before kicking with the code. Lets enjoy this summer with lots of fun 😉


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