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Now , It has been more than  a week and this blog is coming up late so time for some weekly update ,  had a meeting today with my mentor Malveeka and told her about my progress , the past few days been busy with the working over CGI and coding for the OpenID scripts to integrate it with the current Mailman version i.e. 2.10 . The CGI are simply processed and run by the CGI-Bin so I had to configure from the source and mentioning of the new CGI-Bin to be used by changing the CGI_PROGS to add the new CGI as the request handler for the script to run when the user provides her identifier which is then processed to take and provide the authentication to be used I did some of the work for the CGI’s as mentioned now , the next plan goes like when the useris verified then she is redirected to her page where she will be having the list of ML to which she is subscribed and can switch to any of the list without bothering about the passwords that were earlier handled for each list.

How the user would be managing the password and which password to be used , for this there would be  the editable settings in the user’s Option page where she can choose the password to be of diffrent list, to which she is subscribed , and make use the password for the diffrent list.

How the change in the database is being reflected ?

1.) When the user comes to the ‘Listinfo’ page and chooses to use her openid , she is redirected to the providers page from where she is verified and returned back to her own lists page. Now there is a query in the Membership table about selecting the address ,password and list which will be used for the selection  and verifying the authentication for the user.

2.) When she is redirected back to own her listpage , the option could be to use the diffrent password , a seprate table which will store the listname and password with the reference to the username (i.e.the email address) ,the query will be selected to update the listname and choose password from the membership table to get it updated into the refernce table.

Now , the time to complete my work on  CGI which I try to do this weekend . Some of the screenshots to the work I did.


OpenID Provider for the Mailman data with Use Case

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    Malveeka’s last year code produced the Postgresql Adaptor for Mailman that could store the pickle file data into Postgresql.The first and foremost priority will be for the existing users of the Mailman that have been members of the mailing list , moving it completely to the new database so that it is not dependent on the existing pickle data files and rather on the database.
    Now as the database are being populated every time the query processes and actions such as new list creation, postage, change in the user membership info , bounce list change, it will be reflected in the database .

As , discussed above solution to try adding one more table for the membership which will be stored in the lists database or the alternate is to add another membership database itself with the fields like the username , passwords , user_info, membership_info which will be able to retrieve the data and anywhere to be used like for the CMS, Wiki. Ther table will be centrally used for the other applications as well as so that the things become more simpler and easier without being able to make changes to the requests that needs to retrieve the credentials every time .

Now for the Open ID implementation we could have a Open ID Provider that will run simultaneously with the Mailman daemon script on the server. which will accept the use of membership table that we are creating for the retrieval and fetching the queries for the credentials to be used. A user who comes to join the Mailing List of Systers and submits her Credentials with the Email Address she chooses, the Name and the Password . There could be many number of list that happens to be on the server and if she joins more than the one list , then it might be possible with the different passwords . Now here the preference would be to store the password in the common database , apart from the dlist database and also to use the email id as the primary key to match the corresponding id to be used in the relational database . The question arises which password to be used as the primary one for the OpenID.

How to switch to other list option page

Let us suppose that a new user comes to the , she subscribes to a Mailing List ‘A’ and also subscribes to mailing List ‘B’ , now what we can have is to either use the Mailing List ‘A’ Password to be used as primary and use ther password for the OpenID Authentication. There will be an identifier which will be primarily using Email as the user identifier that will be created as the user supplies her email id while subscribing and it will be notified to the user about her OpenID identifier . Now as she comes to the CGI which will be using as the Open ID relying party which will be verifying with the Provider by redirecting and taking him to the

The user will be redirected to her options page and from there on he could visit the list of ML’s and also to switch to other ML’s without supplying password for each list , although she can change the passwords that will be secondary and of only use when she decides not to use her OpenID. For the Relying Party, CGI will be inculcated to redirect from any of the Mailing Lists.

The Python Open-ID API’s is used forthe OpenID Provider as well as  relying party.

Google Summer of Code 2010 and Magic

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The results have been announced and  I have been fortunate enough to get selected for Google Summer of Code 2010 to work for Systers: Women in Computing . The project is to use the credentials data that is being used for Mailman by the subscribers and have a common authentication system for all the concerned systers site , something what Google Accounts is used for the google services. The mentor for my project is Malveeka Tiwari and co-mentor is Radhika Srivastava. It will be great to work this summer for three months , hack the code . It will be a great learning time for me and contributing in the Open Source  would be just fantastic . Now need to get into Web2py framework and reading the docs. There would be a challenge to work upon the Mailman 3.0 without any UI and working with the command line interface. The addition of one more field to have a common id that is used for accessing diffrent systers site and help the women in computing and to just remember only single credentials. The web2py framework seems to be less complex than django which is powerful but for just single sign on , disturbing the whole architecture won’t be a good idea.

Now for the time I should do my homework before kicking with the code. Lets enjoy this summer with lots of fun 😉

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